Life in bed…

I haven’t left the house yet. I really don’t feel up for it. I am sleeping a lot still which is actually amazing. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on because after neck surgery and before this surgery, I really struggled to sleep well or at all sometimes. I’m usually a morning person and am up early, but right now I am sleeping until 10, 11 or even 12 sometimes! That being said, I’m still taking pain meds every three hours and every morning at 8 am, I have to use the bone growth stimulator for my neck.

The progress I have made at home so far is dropping my pain med dosage, yet keeping the frequency the same. The meds I am currently on are oxycodone with dilaudid as a breakthrough option, aspirin, flexeril, docusate, celebrex, lyrica, tylenol and occasionally dulcolax. Oh and vitamins and probiotics! I seriously can’t wait to be off all meds. I usually do not take anything other then vitamins and I try to take a more holistic approach to healing. I am someone who doesn’t get sick very often luckily. After this whole year of surgeries and meds, I can’t wait to cleanse my body, workout to get back in shape and to just overall feel so healthy, young and happy again!

I have also been able to shower by myself for the most part. Although I still need help getting dressed. I also need help getting in and out of bed. I tried to sit in my recliner and I only lasted about 30 minutes. The best part of my recliner during my neck recovery was that it swiveled. However, the swivel feature after hip surgery is the worst thing. I need someone to hold it still when getting in and out of it and I need another person to help me get down into it and up out of it. I also attempted the couch but that was a huge mistake. It’s way too low and too soft. I could get down so so, but getting up was nearly impossible and so painful. So back to bed for me!

I’ve been improving on the crutches quite a bit. Every time I get up to use the bathroom, I’ll crutch down the hall once or around the living room and then back to bed. I’m non weight bearing and it’s the first time in my life that I’ve needed crutches, so there’s been a learning curve for me.

I’ve got my bedroom all dialed in now. I have a tray that I keep in bed that has my meds, lotion, ear plugs from the hospital, eye mask, chapstick, nail file, floss, pens, hand sanitizer, the tv remotes, water, some jewelry (I’m still a girl during all this), lavender oil because I loved it so much in the hospital and vitamin e oil for my neck incision. I have a puzzle book and crossword book on my nightstand, my phone and it’s charger, a couple magazines and some craft supplies. Between my bed and nightstand, I have a heating pad, my laptop, a tray table, a long shoe horn to get my shoes on and a grip ’n grab (thanks to Chris for getting me a “hip kit”) and my crutches of course!

I spend my days sleeping, hanging with my mom, doing my puzzle book and watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have been reading a lot of blogs on PAO surgeries and through that, I found a wonderful Facebook page with other “hippies” like me. It has been incredibly helpful talking with other PAO warriors about their experiences. I am also fortunate enough to have an ocean view from my bedroom and the option to see a sunset, weather permitting. Life in bed these days isn’t so bad!

Lucy Lu catching some snuggles with mama!
A pic of the shark fin once I got home. Some of the bruising is improving and swelling is down a little. Photo taken on 2/8/17

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