Cottage Reveal and Medication Disposal

I have finally gotten my cottage all dialed in and decorated. I am absolutely loving it! I call it my little sanctuary or my beachy oasis. I am protective over this space and want to keep it as my safe haven. I have cleaned it all well and then walked around while burning sage and …

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Best Friends

One of my best friends from high school, was in town for the week. It was soooo good to catch up and have her see my new place and just spend quality time together. We had brunch, shopped, lounged and ate (of course)! My heart is full after this visit with Natalie.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lucy and I went for a small hike and then surfing. We enjoyed the rest of the day at my uncle's with grandma and some other family. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

Another Hike in the Books

I have booked a lot of travels for the summer. Each one progressing in flight length and travel length. I'm working on improving my strength in PT and increasing my stamina with doing more activities and having less rest time in my weeks. I hiked Torrey Pines in La Jolla with a friend who was …

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Firsts in Seattle

I went to Seattle for my grandma's memorial service. It was the first time flying without any assistance, by myself and pulling luggage and Lucy with me. I am able to walk more and more and it feels really good. I also did my first hike! I thought it was going to be a short, …

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Fun Filled Friends Weekend

This weekend I celebrated a friend's birthday. I wore heels for the first time since the screw removal and, other then some minor soreness the following day, my hips did great. I also visited a friend while she was house and dog sitting. We went for a walk in La Jolla with the pups, but …

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Officially Cleared!!!

I saw Dr. Santore, my hip surgeon, today and he literally said "you can now forget about your hips!" WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Um, sir, you'll have to repeat that please! I almost started crying. I couldn't believe that the end had basically come on this hip journey of mine. Obviously, I won't be able to completely forget …

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Doctors Appointments

Since I settled my work comp case, I have seen two neurosurgeons of my choice. I had to get a new MRI of my cervical spine and more x-rays taken. Both surgeons say the same thing about my diagnosis and the plan of care. (I will write a blog post, eventually, with more details about …

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Surfing Real Waves

Today I went surfing for the first time in a couple of years all by myself! This time I actually paddled out, got myself into the waves (no one pushing me into them) and standing up. I've got a long way to go as far as getting back into shape and feeling strong, but that …

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Screw Removal for the Left Hip

The last of my hip screws came out on March 22nd! FINALLY! My mom took me and stayed during the surgery to then drive me home and take care of me for the weekend/week to follow. The surgery went well! I had the best anesthesiologist I've EVER had. The man so kind and caring during …

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