These Are My Tattoos!


Today is my one year hipaversary!!! I celebrated with an early morning spin class. I have come so far in one year with this body. Last year at this time, I was in the OR for 12 hours and went through four surgeries with two different surgeons. I received six incisions total from that day. So I celebrate with a spin class and by wearing tight skinny jeans and walking all over my city for appointments and meetings and by sitting for long periods of time. Those might not seem like much celebration, but after a PAO, let me tell you…they’re HUGE accomplishments and therefore big celebrations!

I’ve been protecting my incisions from the sun for one year and now I can finally stop taping them. This is what one of the “shark bites” looks like fully exposed. These are my #tattoos. Someone else designed them for me and even chose where and how to mark them on my body. They’re with me forever and I have grown to love my scars. Each of my nine incisions tell a story and now make up who I have become as a person and a woman. They are my tattoos!

Scars can be beautiful too and I’m proud to share them because I’m proud of what my body has endured. I have come a long way both physically and mentally and today I celebrate that! Thank you all for following along on this journey with me!

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