Costco Trip Milestones

Costco use to be a place I would go for a big outing in my day. It was a place I could get an electric scooter and just cruise up and down every aisle. Plus, samples! Can’t go wrong there. It was seriously a place I loved to go as a “field trip.”

I have been once since all my surgeries, but I went with a friend. It was a big milestone as I walked it for the first time and used the cart as assistance until the cart was a bit too heavy. My friend took over to do the heavy pushing and lifting of the items purchased. That trip was months ago! Since that trip, if I needed something from Costco, I would just order it online instead of find someone to go with me.

This week I decided I was ready to give it a go! I actually didn’t really think about what a big deal it was for me to go. I just thought of all the things I needed to get. It wasn’t until I was half done with my shopping that I realized this was my first trip in years without a chaperone, walking on my own two feet, pushing the cart on my own and being able to lift and move all the items to and from my cart. YES! Milestones and progress seen. It’s just so exciting. I have come so far and am basically like a normal person again. The best part of this trip was that I didn’t even think about it until I was already doing it. That really means I am feeling better.

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