Paper Challenge

So I went to get a glass of wine with a friend at a local winery and ending up doing the “paper challenge.” I had never heard of this before, but saw some people balancing on one leg and bending down to lift a piece of paper up with only their mouth. I was intrigued and had to know! So I asked! They were a super fun group of people and they immediately included my friend and I and encouraged us to try it. I am not one to back down on a challenge or a fun activity, so I thought “what the heck?!”

My friend was super nervous for me and told everyone that I had had a bunch of surgeries and explained all about my hips. It was comical how motherly she was being. She was just being protective, but at the same time was super supportive. I think we all wanted to see what I could do! Well…..I succeeded at level 1 and level 2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google Paper Challenge! We made up level 3 and let me tell you, it is HARD.

The video below shows me doing level 3 and you can see that I had to squat all the way down and hover my other leg off the ground, just to be able to reach the paper with my mouth. I was quite impressed with myself for figuring out the winning technique, but way more proud of my body being able to use that kind of strength and range of motion! I showed this video to my PT (naturally) and her response was “well I think you’re ready to schedule your dance party!” YESSSSS! I totally agreed and so the date is set and we have about a month to hone in some more strength. Goal #2 of recovery, here I come!


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