Moroccan Travels

I spent two weeks in Morocco (June 18- July 3) with friends and their family. My friends are Moroccan and their dad (Bubba) lives in Rabat. We did a week long road trip all over the country and it was spectacular. There’s lots of pictures below from different Medinas, Souks and cities throughout the country. We drank tons of mint tea and coffee, ate delicious food like raghifa, sfenj and couscous. It was all so picturesque and I got to continue my obsession over tiles, patterns, textures and colors! We started calling our adventures “Tour De Bubba.” Bubba should seriously have his own tour company. He’s so knowledgeable about the history and has little tidbits of facts to drop here and there. We went to Rabat, Oudaias, Chellah, Meknes, Fez, Beni Mellal, Ouzoud Falls, Marrakech, Ouirgane and El Jadida. We spent some time at a tannery and learned about how they make, dry and dye the leather. We went rug shopping and I bought the most beautiful rug to put in my outdoor space at home. We drove through a lot of the Atlas Mountains and walked around Ozoud Falls where the paths are lined with olive trees, the monkeys are out and ready to eat and when you look at the bottom of the Falls and watch the water’s movement and see the rainbow, it’s all looks so majestic. I rode on a camel and went horseback riding. We ate off the land. The fruit was some of the sweetest and freshest I’ve ever tasted. We stayed at a resort at the end of the road trip called La Roseraie, meaning the rose garden. It was beautiful and relaxing. The grounds are filled with roses, orchards, vegetable and herb gardens and olive trees. We went to the spa and had a traditional Berber treatment called hammam. It’s basically a deep scrub with a special soap and then followed by a relaxing massage. We did long car drives, lots of shopping, miles of walking and the whole time I was able to be a “yes” person! I didn’t need help carrying my backpack, I could ride in the middle of the back seat for hours on end, I slept on different beds with whatever pillow was offered. I didn’t have any major flare ups with my neck and continued my PT exercises as much as I could. I can’t express how proud of my body I am. It is such a privilege to get to move it again and really start living life! I feel like I am beaming from the inside out because I am just so happy!

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