Christmas Wrapping Party

Present wrapping party success! We had a great group of friends come over, donate money for the family and help wrap all the presents to send to one of the families POR is supporting this year. Us San Diego peeps are supporting this particular family whose mom was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The family lives in West Virginia and she has three grown kids and two grandkids. We bought some fun toys and things for the grandkids and then used the rest of the money to give to the patient. She had to quit her job to receive treatment and so I really hope this Christmas gift brings some joy and relieve to her worries and will put a smile on her and her family’s faces. I was able to get local food and drinks donated for the party so that all the funds raised went directly to the family. I also made an eggnog cocktail and had spiced apple cider brewing on the stove. I made kahlua for everyone to donate and be able to take a bottle home with them. It was a successful and fun night!

Recovery-wise: I definitely bit off more than I could chew. I had just been able to trial one crutch on Friday, but with all the prepping and decorating for the party, I didn’t really trial as much as I just used one crutch. Meaning, I totally over did it and by the time everyone left the party, I could barely walk and barely move. It’s so hard to get a taste of the freedom with one crutch. I especially liked to be able to carry a cup of coffee while also only using one crutch. After feeling that bit of independence again, it was hard for me to have to go back to two crutches at home. I know these improvements come and then go away. Recovery isn’t linear. It’s one step forward and two steps backwards. I know this, but it doesn’t make it any easier to live it.

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