Last Week With Mama Here

Sad to have the last of my recovery team leaving…

The one good thing about cancelling Hawaii was getting to spend an extra week with my mama. The day we cancelled the trip, her and I took a trip to the zoo. When you’re in a wheelchair, the person who is pushing the wheelchair gets in for free. So great! Chris is a member so I got a 50% off ticket and my mom was free. It was the perfect afternoon activity and it was HOT out! I used my wheelchair, but also brought my crutches just in case. The zoo gave me an easy access pass that got my mom and I on the shuttles and skyfari ride for free. We used the shuttle twice which was so incredibly helpful. It made it so we could avoid the really big hills which was nice to give my mom a break. I even did my first escalator ride! They seem to move slowly when one is walking normally, but let me tell you, when on crutches and non weight bearing on one leg, it runs so fast haha! I did it successfully, but it was scary! Such a fun afternoon!

We also went to get our Christmas tree and we decorated the house. It was perfect timing before we hosted a Christmas present wrapping party for the POR charity.

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