Family Weekend and LA Outing

So this weekend, Chris’ family came to visit on Saturday morning. They were all sick or getting over a sickness so I sadly had to keep my distance as much as possible. It is just not worth getting sick while in recovery. I actually can’t even imagine what it would be like, but I know it’d be miserable and awful. It would be uncomfortable with a stuffy nose and it would basically be impossible to cough because it hurts to contract my abs still. And if I were to happen to get the flu, game over, just put me in a coma until it ran it’s course. I’m joking, but I really couldn’t handle the flu and recovery at the same time. Most people are very considerate and let me know when they are sick because they know I can’t be around it right now. As much as I hate to cancel plans, I’m always so appreciative to get the heads up. So Chris took the nieces to the park and after some icing and resting, I joined too. Yay to outdoor spaces and fresh air haha! I watched them all play and it’s just so cute to see the girls explore and having fun.

Getting some love from the girls!
Look at that smile…it’s heart melting!


After they left, I napped and then we headed to LA to see a concert. I was so tempted not to go but I called the venue about 2-3 times to find out what the handicap seating was like and if the venue was doable with crutches. They were so nice and reassuring and talked me into going. Chris told me he’d stay with me for some of the songs too (which disappointingly didn’t happen), so I figured why not, I should give it a go!

The car ride up was pretty easy and we were able to stop at our friends’ house where we’d be staying the night. It was much needed to have a few minutes to regroup. I just am not able to go from activity to activity right now and so much exhausts me. I tried to mentally prepare for this big and long night for like four days prior! We uber’d to the concert venue and were dropped off close to the side entrance, which we learned was the disability entrance. Perfect! Less walking for me! They allowed our whole group in with me and they escorted me to the handicap seating area. It worked out great because then Chris and our friends knew where I’d be. I stood and hung out with everyone until the concert started and then I took my seat. Our friends were so funny and kept looking back at me and including me in the dance party haha. Some even came over to the section and would hang out for a song. It meant so much to me because I didn’t want to be at a concert completely alone and in a section by myself. I even ventured out to the main floor for a couple songs, although I ended up slipping on spilled drinks and having to put weight through my leg twice. So it wasn’t that worth it unfortunately, but I was proud of myself none the less. I tried and that’s what mattered! I just wanted to be included because I get horrible FOMO (fear of missing out). And right now I feel like I have perpetual FOMO of just life in general, so when I can participate in something, I am determined about doing so! I got a lot of high fives from random people and a few comments on how impressive it was to be at a show like that on crutches. Those people all made my night. I always want to remember to reach out to someone with assistive walking devices and try to make their day. Pay it forward right?!?! After the concert, we went to an overpacked bar and decided to leave to get food at a place where we could all hang out as a group. It was a fun time hanging with friends. I ended up having to step on my op leg three times total that night and so the pain was increasing. I took pain meds trying to get it to stop, but also started feeling a headache coming on. Luckily, everyone wanted to call it a night, so it was good timing for me. I didn’t have to tell anyone the amount of pain I was in. It was a tolerable amount that I could still hang and have a good time, but it was getting worse and I just didn’t want to be the person to have to call it quits. Not that night anyway! By the time we got back to our friends’ house, I was toast though. I went right to bed and I’ll finish that update in the next post.

I look scared…
LCD Soundsystem

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