Special Lunch Date

My grandparents came to visit today! Thanks for the lunch date, Grammy and Poppy. We both parked our cars in handicap spaces and Poppy felt left out because he didn’t have a crutch or a walker lol. Lucky guy! It was such a special treat to see them today because I haven’t been able to make the two hour drive out to their house between my neck and my hip surgeries and recoveries. They aren’t driving as much either and are usually more comfortable in their own home, which I totally understand now that I am where I am. However, we decided that later this summer, they’d come out and stay with me for a couple of days to beat the heat where they live. We love to cook and play games when we hang for a couple of days together. I used to make it out there pretty often. They also absolutely adore their great grand dog and she adores them too!

My crutch is already in the car. We all got a kick out of parking right next to each other in handicap spots.


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