Auntie Love

One of my best friends had a baby a couple weeks ago and asked me to come up and help her. I’m so honored she asked for my help and I’m so happy I can finally drive up and see her. We’ve been joking for months that we’re basically doing the same things but can’t get to each other to lay low together. I can finally drive myself to see her, her newborn baby boy is within my weight restrictions and so I can catch up with her and support her in person! I’ve hated having to do everything from afar.


We had a nice visit. Baby Noah is just perfect. He’s such a good baby! I got to help her give him his first bath and I took a couple of the night feedings for them, so they could both sleep some. Since I haven’t worked in the NICU in a little while, it was amazing getting my baby fix in! There’s nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby. I just loved snuggling him.


So many of our friends have had babies recently. It’s been an explosion of cuteness and love. Our niece also started walking recently. Getting that video of as so exciting! I can’t wait to see it in person. And another great friend of mine, sent me the best message ever. I’ve attached it below:

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