A Big Week

I had one land therapy and two water therapy appointments this week. That was my first time having that much PT in one week. I have max’d out on my water therapy exercises which is great timing because next week will be my last appointment. With the set back over the weekend, I ended up using 1-2 crutches depending on my activity and pain level. I used the cane starting today and felt so much better. I still have some back pain, but nothing like it was last week. I’m very happy that rest, crutches and muscle relaxers did the trick this time and that I could continue with my therapies this week. I’m feeling pretty good and have noticed some strength coming back. Now I’d just like to see the difference in my physique!

I’ve also focused more on my diet over the past week or two. An old friend from high school reached out to me, she’s a dietitian at a reputable hospital in Seattle and she offered to help me with recovery diet tips, supplements, etc. She also consulted with the dietitian that works on the orthopedic floor at the same hospital. She offered some could food ideas like the Mediterranean diet and/or the anti-inflammatory diet. We discussed caloric intake and protein amounts, protein powders and also a bit about vitamins, minerals and the fact that the body detoxes itself. Great, because I didn’t want to detox yet anyway, but knowing that the body does it all on its own and does it well means I don’t need to do it at all! Clean eating here I come! I sure hope it helps my fatigue. I’m also going to start a vitamin D supplement and I’m going to get a vitamin B12 shot. This fatigue has got to be kicked to the curb. I’m so thankful that my friend reached out and was of so much help to me! It was very much appreciated.

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