A Minor Set Back

So I’m pretty bummed….my physical therapist saw me for a last minute and pretty urgent session today. I could barely walk all day due to back pain. He got me in for an appointment and assessed my gait and range of motion. He said that the hip looks good, but I am not using it to it’s fullest potential and therefore compensating into my low back. He did some adjustments and A LOT of soft tissue work. It was over an hour and a half appointment! The aids did ultrasound, heat and electrical stimulation on the whole back and hip area. It was so nice of everyone and they were very kind and gentle with me. You could just take one look at me and know that I wasn’t feeling well. It was not my most attractive look in public! The part that I’m bummed about is my PT put me back on my crutches (either one or two) and I need to start taking my muscle relaxers again. He wants me to use it all through the weekend and see if it improves my back pain and gait pattern. I’m kind of down on myself not realizing that I needed more support walking. Because I wasn’t having hip pain, I didn’t even think about going back to my crutches. I was also really excited to reach two straight weeks with only my cane, but I missed it by three days. Oh well. A few day set back for hopefully a large gain coming up!

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