More Doctors…

Over the last couple of days, I have seen a neurologist and gone through a lot of testing. The good news is that the nerve and muscle tests were basically normal and my blood work was as well. We are trying to make sense of my fatigue, heightened reflexes, horrible back pain and other symptoms I have been having (mostly due to my neck and spinal cord). I’ll wait to talk with a couple of doctors, but I think the next step is to repeat MRI scans. I see my hip surgeon next week and my neck surgeon the week after that. I’m tired (and yes I know you probably know this from the fatigue symptom), but beyond that it’s being tired of seeing doctors, telling my story and my symptoms and just not feeling like myself. It’s this really weird in between time where I’m not a fresh post op patient anymore, but I’m not healed and all better yet either. I know both surgeries take at least one year for a full recovery and nerves can take even longer then that. My pain is much better, but I do have days of set backs still and some unexplained pain. That being said my mood has improved and when I’m not so exhausted there are waves of energy and feeling like I’d like to be productive. The bummer with that is I know I am still so restricted with movement. Mentally, I want to go out and do activities or hang with friends, but the reality of it is I just don’t have the stamina. It’s still just a day at a time situation and I’m doing better with that especially now that I can drive!

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