Hoppy Easter!

I was able to put up a few Easter decorations and make a couple Easter baskets. My mom also left Chris and I an Easter basket, which was so fun to find and open! I’ve been getting into making my own greeting cards lately, so I made a couple for Easter too.

Easter basket from Mom!
Getting crafty over here!
Chris’ Easter basket
Another homemade card- “Caitlin’s Cards”

The most exciting part of the day was that I could cook my first meal since surgery! I made a North African dish called shakshuka. I was able to chop, saute and cook everything on my own! Yay! It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed brunch on the porch and the dish was a big hit!

Actually cooking!
Shakshuka, crusty bread, fruits and fresh squeezed OJ for brunch.
Peek-a-boo Lucy!
Visiting cousins in front of the Cardiff Kook!

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