I have been SO incredibly tired. I got in bed after our guests left on Sunday and have been there ever since. I could barely stay awake during water therapy yesterday and slept the rest of the afternoon. Today, I had PT for my neck. Thank goodness! I think my therapist could see that I wasn’t doing well. He spoke softly and put me in a dark room to do all my soft tissue massaging. I have been getting headaches randomly. I can’t seem to find a reason for them- it’s not caffeine, dehydration, etc and meds do not help them at all. My PT has taken them away once before and this time he decreased it but it wasn’t completely gone. I relaxed the rest of the day after my appointment, just took a sleeping pill and am going to bed early. I sure hope I wake up headache free!

Lucy has been by my side everyday and even held my hand when the headaches were bad.

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