Fresh flowers seriously brighten my mood and just make me so so happy! They’re all so different and full of life and color. I love watching them bloom and saving every last second with a bouquet before it runs it’s course. Last week was a doozy of a week. It was just really rough mentally and physically I felt stuck in a holding pattern of recovery. The one thing that I enjoyed each day was looking at the fresh flowers people had sent. They were in each room. I have been so fortunate in feeling supported from people from all different times in my life. I had a childhood friend send a sweet care package, a lovely card with such a sweet message from a friend across the States and a special gift from a close friend who moved to LA. I’ve loved hearing from so many friends near and far. Each message means so much to me and seriously helps lift me in those difficult days or weeks.

Sunflowers and Easter touches!
The most beautiful bouquet. Happy Spring!
Tulips! So springy and cheery. I just love tulips this time of year.
An Easter lily. They smell amazing!
The contrast of the purple with the sunflower is amazing!

Random picture, but it’s exciting so it made it to the blog! First time I’ve worn real pants since my hip surgery. I made it for several hours with them on before the screws made it too uncomfortable. I love that I have my wardrobe back and can feel more normal again, even if it’s for short bouts of time.

Real pants selfie!

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