There’s many different types of supporters and visitors (more on this later). In the most basic of terms there’s people who can support you in person and from afar. I was lucky enough to have some family come for a couple days in the week to help support me in my recovery. They came to help drive me to my appointments, run errands and do house work. They were so helpful! And even better, they were fun to hang out/lounge around with and to have great conversations with. They were even willing to push the wheelchair for some fun neighborhood strolls and to watch the sunset. Thank you so so much Kathy and Kate!

Sunset stroll!
Kathy, Kate, Lucy and I enjoying our sunset lookout spot in the neighborhood
A quick candid shot and no I wasn’t mad, I was cold!


I’ve also recently had some friends drop off meals. I can’t even tell you how helpful it is to have dinner arrive on your doorstep and it’s a home cooked meal all ready to go! We’ve had a Mexican themed night, complete with 2 Dos Equis and all.  Also a veggie and turkey dish that was super flavorful and yummy and delicious banana bread! My parents also gave us a one week gift of Gobble. It’s one of those meal service companies. We had that come this week which ended up being perfect timing with me going to one crutch because then I could actually cook it! The meals were super yummy and portion wise I couldn’t finish dinner, which meant I also had lunch the next day. Thank you everyone! It was all delicious and helpful!

Shredded chicken bowl with all the fixings!
Pork Ramen from Gobble! The first meal I’ve cooked in maybe three months!


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