Fun Distractions

Happy Friday all! I have a good friend who is in town from LA to keep me company and to help me out for a couple days. Lots of hanging out in bed, laughter, Lucy snuggles, eating take out, tv watching, working, researching home improvement jobs, wedding dress shopping and house hunting. Thanks Jen! So much fun hanging out and having you to spend the long days with.

Pretty girl waiting on our company
Hen in a nest washed down with a cappuccino
Jen is debuting my 3-in-1 commode. She can’t fit, how cute is that!
Helping Jen do some work
Snuggle Pup Luc
Wedding dress shopping!
Waiting to try on her first dress…while also going into contract on a house! #adulting
Lucy pup enjoying an evening surf session
A nice drive home from picking up dinner

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