Hippie Meet Up

Tonight I got to meet up with other “hippies” (people who’ve had hip surgery). These particular hippies were ones that have had the PAO and the scope and have been seeing the same surgeons that I have. As we drove up to the brewery, Chris joked that all the disabled spots are probably taken because of the other “hippies.” Lucky for us there was one left! I went in my wheelchair and as soon as I was coming through the door, someone yelled out, “This must be Caitlin!” What gave it away guys? haha.

We all instantly started talking and introducing ourselves. One girl asked if I got “wheelchair sick” ever and O.M.G. I was so happy she asked. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I had felt sick several times with the wheelchair. This meet up was already successful!!!

I stayed a little too long pain wise but it was so worth it to chat with other PAO warriors. We shared stories and experiences and they asked me so many questions about my recovery. They even helped Chris with caregiver tips and a contact for him to reach out to. Now let’s see if he does anything with it!

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