Bumps in the road called recovery


Recovery is rough. There are ups and downs. I’m trying to remember that good things come from hardships. It’s so incredibly frustrating being at the mercy of everyone else. So many mantras right now! *I’m learning to let things go. *Taking victory in small achievements.

I came across this quote today and it is so true: “your friend’s marathon is impressive, but so is the fact that you got out of bed today with your pelvis all sawed apart.” Just because you can’t see someone’s disability, doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Be kind to others. You don’t know what they are going through. Talk to people and listen to their stories. We all have a story and unfortunately right now, mine is a little harder than usual. But it’s my story and I’d like to talk about it. I hope I’m heard and truly listened to when I do.

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