First Post-op Visit

Happy Valentine’s Day! I had two dates with two of my surgeons. The morning date was with my neck surgeon and he gifted me with a prescription. The afternoon date was with Dr. Santore, my hip surgeon, and he also gifted me with a prescription. Lucky girl! Two dates and two presents! I told my boyfriend he had some competition this year. He’s not worried and nor should he be. My sweet guy had a dozen red roses, card and a gift of my favorite workout clothes from Vuori. One set of clothes is for later when I can work out again. The other is a pair of joggers in a different color then I already have. I was so excited because I have been living in the pair that I have. Joggers and sweatpants that are tight around the ankle but baggy in the leg to accommodate my swelling are the perfect pants for me right now. I woke up to all of this!

My mom makes the most amazing Valentine’s cookies every year. I look forward to them at this time of year too! This year was no different. She made them at home and flew them down to finish frosting them here. She had a couple gifts for me to open and of course the cookies have been waiting. Can’t wait!

All jokes aside, my neck is still healing well. I’m waiting on my authorization for more PT sessions. I still have my same restrictions and have about six more months of bone stimulating everyday. The incision is looking good and I can keep applying vitamin e oil.

The last pic before the dressing and sutures came out.

My hip appointment was for my two week post-op check up. He corrected the way I was walking with the crutches. So glad he asked to watch me on the crutches! He did some passive ROM and said all looked good at this point. I got my bandage removed and my stitches out. He then applied steri-strips over all incisions. He trained in plastic surgery at the beginning of his career and with the size of my incision, I’m so glad he did! It all is looking really good. I’m pretty impressed and hope it keeps healing so well. My thigh and hip are still quite numb but he said that lasts for awhile. I saw my updated x-rays and he compared them to my post surgery x-rays from the OR. He said I’m healing well and pretty quickly considering I have bone grafts and huge screws. He reassured me that all the popping and clicking is still normal and the butt pain or sit bone pain I feel is also normal. Thank goodness!

We made dinner for my mom so she could have a break for one night. I made the dough and learned I had no more stamina to be in the kitchen. Chris made the rest and opened a nice bottle of wine for her. We also got her really good dark chocolate truffles! I actually ended up not feeling well and was really nauseous. I took a zofran and didn’t eat dinner. I never got sick and was able to keep a banana down before going to bed. I’m glad that I figured out a somewhat comfortable way to sit in the recliner for a short time so I could at least enjoy a bit of the evening.

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