Scootin’ Around

I got x-rays taken for my pre-op appointment, tomorrow, all I can say is “Ouch!” The amount of movement they wanted for each of the positions was very difficult for me to do. I also can’t stand straight up because it feels like I can’t keep my right leg straight and underneath me. I arch my back and stick my butt out and pretend I’m standing with both legs straight while they click the x-ray machine. Phew! It’s over. I can bend my right leg comfortably again while there is still no weight in it.

After my x-rays, my mom and I ran a couple errands. I just didn’t have a lot of energy left in me and my pain level was creeping up. We went to Trader Joe’s, which ended up being so fun. They have the motorized scooters, so I did not have to use the crutches while we grocery shopped. It was pretty darn fun and felt good to be in a store and feeling a little part of “normal” life.



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