My mom booked her flight home. She’ll have been here for almost three weeks. I’m pretty scared for her to go, but I know I will be ok. We ran some errands so I don’t have to use an Uber when she’s gone. I’ve been wanting to make a mala bracelet so we went to the bead shop for one errand. Basically, each day before she left, we’d go for an adventure with the car. It wore me out for sure, but was so nice to get some fresh air each day.

Putting together the mala

The brown beads are a natural wood called Bayong and is grown in the Philippines. The next beads, white with grey marbling, are called Howlite:

“A calming stone, supportive in opening atonement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insight it is known to be helpful for meditation and sleep. Allows for a calm and reasoned communication to occur. Strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge.”

The next bead is blue and called Lapis Lazuli:

“It supports the enduring qualities of honesty, compassion, and uprightness to the personality. Worn for its protective properties Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It is known for stimulating the higher intelligence of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity.”

The pink beads are called Rose Quartz:

“The gemstone of unconditional love and peace, it is calming and reassuring crystal. Teaching the true essence of love it purifies and opens the heart at all levels bringing deep inner healing and self-love. Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and restores it with loving vibes.”

I have been told that your malas should be gifted to you. My generous mom bought all the supplies that we’d picked out for me and let me put it all together to my liking. So this custom made mala bracelet was gifted to me by my mom! So thankful!

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