The Big Day! (part 1)

The night before my surgery, my mom flew into town from Seattle to help my boyfriend and I after my surgery. Having a pre-op appointment 15 hours before surgery was not my idea and made the day before surgery a bit stressful. I had gotten all imaging done and lab work drawn, but had to wait to get all my prescriptions from the doctor and then have them filled. The only prescription I could get filled was my scopolamine patch, which the doc wanted me to wear starting the night before the surgery. It helps prevent any sickness from anesthesia. The others weren’t in stock but since I’d be hospitalized for a few days, it wasn’t a big deal.

My uncle and cousin came down to have dinner with us before my surgery. It was so sweet of them. Dinner and the company were all great distractions before the big day!

I made sure to get home early-ish because I had to shower with the “special” soap and wanted to get to bed at a decent time. I had a 4:30am wake up call after all! I can say I did sleep semi-decently. At least a little better than was expected.

I had a smooth check in at the hospital and Chris got to be with me the whole time. That picture of us was in my pre-op bed waiting to be wheeled to the OR. Everyone was very nice and we didn’t have any hiccups that I knew of! Both surgeons came in to say hello and consents were all signed. I met with my anesthesiologist, who was super nice and was very willing to accommodate my neck restrictions since I was still in recovery from the fusion surgery. I met the nurse who would be with me in surgery and I loved her, so that was very calming. The one bummer was the pre-op nurse missed one attempt for my IV line. I have fantastic veins and I was pointing them out to her. Oh well, that was all that went wrong, so all in all a win!!

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