Girls Trip to Mexico City

First travel in the books! It was a short nonstop flight from Tijuana to Mexico City. I met a few girlfriends down there for a long weekend and we visited some friends who live there. We walked all over the city, ate delicious food, went out dancing, and floated on the river boats. I traveled with a backpack and slept on a couch. My hips did great with everything, although I still don’t have my walking pace quite up to where I’d like, but that’s going to come with the more strength I gain. My neck did great too with the sleeping, traveling and dancing. I was a yes person for the first time on a trip in so long. I think I’m ready for my longer and more active trips!!!

We also ate at one of the Michelin star restaurants, called Pujol. It was delicious and I highly recommend it! Pictures below of all of our courses.

It’s always sweet coming home to my beautiful girl. These pics were sent to me while I was away. 🙂

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