Holiday Festivities

Chris and I went to check out Christmas Card Lane, one of the neighborhoods that goes all out with Christmas lights. We wore our matching pajamas and Lucy had her antlers on. Chris pushed me in the wheelchair because it’s several streets long, plus I wouldn’t be able to crutch and drink my eggnog. Priorities!

We also went out to Bernardo Winery for their Christmas festivities. It was fun and festive, but packed and a little on the lame side. We still enjoyed ourselves and it was something Christmasy that we could do together, since ice skating is out of the question this year!


Santa’s helpers!

Today was my first day in a long time that I didn’t have any appointments. I decided to stay in my pajamas all, listen to Christmas music, finish wrapping some presents and bake a gingerbread cake! It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you can enjoy some quality time with family. Chris, Lucy and I are heading to my aunt’s tomorrow for her typical Christmas Eve party, but this year it’s on Christmas eve eve. Then we’ll go to his dad’s house for Christmas eve dinner and Christmas morning fun with the nieces. Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday everyone! xoxo

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