5 Months Post Op

I’m 5 months post op from my hip surgery and I’m so happy to be this far out. This journey has not been easy, but each month that passes means I’m that much closer to being totally recovered!


  • My right thigh is still numb but I am feeling some improvement in having sensation return I think.
  • My incision is still healing well and I continue to apply coconut oil over it.
  • I’m driving and have even taken my first road trip to Mexico. The longest I’ve been in the car was about three hours and although it was uncomfortable and reached my limit, it was tolerable.
  • I’m advancing in my PT and definitely am feeling stronger.
  • It’s been two weeks since I used one crutch briefly. Other then that, I have been free of all assistive devices!
  • My ROM is awesome and I’ve been bike riding a couple times and it feels great. I have had a lot of back pain still and that’s the part that’s really holding me back in activities and PT.
  • I can only stand for short periods of time and then need to sit down.
  • My right hip popped for the first time since surgery. I was getting up off the floor when it happened. Since that, I have endured the butt pains again. My PT has worked on it with soft tissue massage, but sometimes it aggravates it more. Ice has been working as well as rest days.
  • I restarted Lyrica for my neck because I’ve started having nerve symptoms again in my arms and hands, but maybe it’ll help my back pain too.
  • My fatigue seems to have improved. It’s more of just not having enough energy or stamina for normal daily activities. I still need naps and when I don’t get them for a couple days, then I’ll end up sleeping for most of a day when I am free.

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