Seattle Trip 1

Seattle was great! My hip survived and so did my body, but I am so exhausted. I’ve been sleeping ever since I got home just to recuperate a bit. I had to bow out of some activities and obviously drive most places because I knew I wouldn’t make it walking, but all in all, it was a success. I did bring both crutches home as was instructed by my PT. However, I never needed two, just one for a couple of days. Before I left, I had an emergent PT appointment due to horrible back pain again. My normal PT was unavailable, but the guy I saw worked his magic and it helped. I don’t know if I would have made it through the flight and travel if not. I actually felt really good until I over did it a bit with the walking. I didn’t know I was, but when I looked at the health app on my phone, I saw the most mileage logged since January. That sure explained the hip pain, hip swelling and general fatigue I had at the end of the trip and the need for one crutch. I’ve been icing since I got home and the swelling is down. I’m back to PT and the soft tissue work and work on my back is helping a lot too.

Some highlights from the trip:

I finally got to eat and experience all that is London Plane. I’ve been looking for peonies for awhile to enjoy at home and apparently they’re all in Seattle! Yummy food and beautifully unique flowers, what more could one want….well don’t answer that….cough….HEALTH!

london plane
The best bread in all of Seattle and at a bakery and flower shop!

peony 1peony 2peony 4peony 3

I saw a friend that I’ve known since middle school who I haven’t seen maybe since I was in her wedding. It was amazing to finally catch up in person and I couldn’t believe we were in the same city at the same time. She lives in Idaho!

chels and i
Chelsea and I

I also met up with three girlfriends I’ve known since preschool age. It’s been years since we’ve all been together and gotten to hang out. What a special treat!

girls and i
Dominique, Kelsey and Devin

Mom’s home cookin’! I only took a picture of this amazing strawberry rhubarb galette, but there was much more yumminess too.

sea 6

And of course all the family hang out time. I went to see my grandma one day and Lucy and Ziggy visited her too. We also had a jam session one night, where Chris played guitar and the rest of us tried our best to sing.

sea 3
Marlise and I snuggling. What’s new?!
sea 4
Jam Sesh!
sea 5
Grandma and I

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