My First Bike Ride

I took my first beach cruiser ride today. I am so happy and proud of myself. I’ve been wanting to give it a try, but wanted to get some good rest before I did. I talked with my therapists and they said they thought it would be ok, but to stay on flat ground. Well let me tell you what, I thought I took the flat scenic route, but the littlest incline felt like a mountain to climb! I went 4.6 miles in total and walked the very last “hill” as I was feeling sore and tired. My right hip didn’t have any of the pre op pain it used to get when riding my bike, but I did feel that pain and catching feeling in my left hip. I even had to get off and try to “pop” it, which relieved the pain shortly. It was hurting on the return ride. It was totally bearable and I was way more focused on how my right hip was doing. I am just so excited to be able to go for short bike rides. I think I’ll try to do a little one every day and add on little amounts of distance each time. Obviously, this plan is all pain dependent!

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