Baseball Game

So after a birthday party yesterday, we went to an Angel’s baseball game. I have had to miss a Padre’s game in San Diego with friends because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit for that long and in those kind of seats. This time I almost backed out, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I made it through the end of the game and even got to watch the firework show after. I am so proud of myself and it helps to see these little improvements along the way. I took it easy at the birthday party and then once it was just family left, I took a place on the couch and rested for several hours. It was nice to be able to lay down and chill for a couple hours and refill my energy tank the best I could lol.

We met my cousins at a brewery shortly before the game so we could talk and hang out and play games. Then we drove to the stadium and was able to get handicapped parking. Chris pushed me in the wheelchair and took me right to our seats, but then had to go guest check the wheelchair. Then I used my cane to walk to our seats. Fifth row and stellar seats! I knew that I couldn’t sit in the hard uncomfortable stadium seats without a cushion so I brought a couch pillow to sit on. It made all the difference in the world! That cushion was seriously the only thing that got me all the way through the game. Well also it was an exciting game, so we were sitting and standing several times. A seventh inning STRETCH has never meant so much to me haha! I literally stretched this time and it felt amazing. The Angels won and the firework show after was quite impressive! I really hope this is the beginning of me being able to participate in my social life and family functions again. I don’t want to be missing out anymore. The best part after such a long day was I was no worse for the wear. My hip held up, but I did have back pain. It was tolerable (only because the game didn’t have extra innings)! I was just super tired, which is par for the course these days and I know that will come back eventually.


It threatened to downpour, but ended up just sprinkling
Firework show!

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