10/11 Week Post Op Update

Lots of changes have been noticed lately. Here’s my update:

  • The discoloration in my right leg is back to normal, which means my circulation has improved. My right foot is staying warmer now too.
  • I’ve noticed my right hip sticks out further than my left. I’m hoping over more time this will decrease and not be as prominent as it currently is.
  • I’m trying to balance on both legs when I am standing still. I need to build the strength in my right leg, so I am trying to remember to distribute equal weight.
  • I’m using one crutch when I go out and know the place I am visiting. When at home, I’m using less of the one crutch as long as my pain is low.
  • I have started squatting and doing mini lunges for land therapy.
  • I’m advancing in water therapy and feeling really good after every session.
  • I can do hamstring and quad stretches on land as well as in the water now and it feels so good!
  • I’m showering without the shower stool. Woohoo!
  • I’ve been sitting in my recliner now, which means I’m not hanging out in bed anymore. I’ve also started tolerating the couch for short periods of time.
  • The hardest thing for me currently is not being able to drive. I’m feeling better and have more energy some days, but I’m still stranded at home and that is really wearing on me. I really want my independence back!
  • I’m done with aspirin and very rarely taking pain meds.

I see my surgeon next week for my three month follow up appointment and I can’t wait!

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