PAO: Persevere and Overcome

The PAO facebook group I’m apart of has a husband and wife couple who send out PAO bracelets to PAO warriors. I just received a couple in the mail for Chris and I to start wearing. I’m totally obsessed with it!

A sweet note that accompanied these awesome PAO bracelets.
PAO bracelet + malas + lillies = love

I’ve been feeling better since my headache stopped on Wednesday and I had a really good PT session for both my hip and neck yesterday. With all the rest this week, I’m actually feeling up for an outing. A couple girlfriends came over and brought some treats with them. Sunflowers and a croissant! So sweet of them! We went to get coffee and shop a couple shops in Encinitas. It felt so good to get ready and actually wear real pants for the day! So far the screw head thats popping out is tolerating the tighter pants. I loved getting out of the house today and spending some time with friends. I’m so thankful my headache is gone too!

First full day in actual pants!
Herb and Wood treat and sunflowers from a friend.

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