Surgery #2

Tomorrow is the day! I’m wayyyyy over due for updates on what’s been happening in my life and in my recovery from my RPAO. However, I’ll have so much more time on my hands to write longer posts after this next surgery. I plan to catch you all up with what’s been happening over the past few months. My left PAO, arthroscopy and right side screw removal is tomorrow at 08 am. I’m going in feeling strong and motivated. It’s actually almost a surreal feeling that this massive surgery is happening tomorrow. It feels like it hasn’t hit me, even though I’ve been freaked out for 2 months about it. Apparently I’ve accepted it and am feeling ready now! I honestly just want to be on the other side, so that when I hit milestones this time, it’ll truly be for the last time. Although I do have to say, last night I had a dream that I had a LPAO and they also had to amputate my leg. I think my subconscious is more nervous than I’m feeling haha! I’ll be writing soon….xo!

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