Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month!



June is Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month! A month that’ll be forever near and dear to my heart. Dysplasia affects more people than you’d ever know. I had know idea, but there is a big community of affected children AND adults. I’ve attached several photos of more information on this cause. It’ll describe more about dysplasia, impingement and labral tears, all things that I have/had. The first few photos are just for some “hippie” humor. Thanks for reading and becoming more educated on this cause. It’s important to me for my family and friends to try to understand a little bit more of what I’m going through and how much anatomy is affected when I just say the hip.

too hiptshirt

17438214_1389025941120662_6472552845064273920_nhip-dysplasia-dysplastic-anatomy29434a82d56d19a4359628aa3394bb42--hip-pain-relief-hip-replacementimages4239R-8517G 5.022 modifiedsporting-hip-and-groin-37-638

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