June 16th

So today marks one year from the day of my accident with my neck. This past year has sure been an interesting one and definitely not what I was expecting. It’s been the most sedentary year of my life to date. For an active person, that just might be the hardest part of all this. I am trying new things, like taking photography classes, Spanish classes, etc, but to me there’s just nothing like a good workout. At times I have felt like I don’t have any purpose for my day or my life and I am still searching for that. I have learned a lot about myself, people and life. I have changed and am still changing, but I believe it is more evolving and for the better! Or at least that’s how I’d like to perceive it. If I lose people along the way, I’m ok with that because I am truly embracing me and what/who I want in my life. This recovery has been the most challenging season of my life. I am surrounding myself with love and support and don’t have time for anything else.

I tried looking up what the day June 16th meant. I came up with nothing. I am curious if it signifies anything because my accident happened on that day last year and then today, Chris and I were in a car accident. We are ok! Chris was driving my car, I was in the passenger seat and Lucy was in the back seat. We were rear ended at a stoplight. I don’t know the speed the car was going at, but my car isn’t terrible and I feel ok. I’ve emailed my neck surgeon and decided to wait for his advice and not go to the ER. Both Chris and I instantly had neck pain and a headache. We came home and rested the rest of the evening. My hip feels fine and Lucy is ok too. From here on out, I am living in a bubble on June 16th!

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