So my cane came in the mail today! I figured I should balance it out a little, so when I ordered it, I also ordered a couple new bathing suits. Just trying to keep some sort of youth over here! It is really weird to walk with the cane. I’m so used to the crutches and with the cane I can’t add any weight to it otherwise I’m more wobbly. It is merely for balance. I think for short distances or around the house I’ll use the cane, but when actually going out for an activity I’ll use one crutch or the wheelchair depending on the length of the outing. I was told to get a clear cane because it looks cool, a hollow cane to use as a flask or to add a mirror at the bottom just to see people’s reactions. The latter one was from a female physical therapist and I think it’s the funniest idea. I stuck with a normal white cane because it’ll go with any outfit. But I am thinking I need to find a cool hat to go with my cool cane (insert jokes here) lol!

Sportin’ my new cane!

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