2 MONTHS!!!!!!

You guys! I’m finally 2 months post op! I have started to actually do exercises in PT and water therapy. I am able to do quad and hamstring stretches and even some squats on land. Weight bearing is going well. I’m mostly at 50% weight bearing with some steps at even more. I don’t really have pain in my hip when I walk, which is still so surprising to me, but in a great way.

The biggest change is being able to take partially weighted steps. I can’t wait to lose my “walking sticks” and just get up and walk. I have a loose idea that it’ll be another month until I am completely without them. I say loose because I don’t want to put any hard goals or expectations on my recovery. I think it could just set me up for disappointment and frustration.

Other updates are:

  • I haven’t taken pain meds since the trip
  • no more popping and clicking! (FINALLY)
  • I took a normal shower. As in actually standing in the tub! It won’t work all the time, but it still felt nice to take a somewhat normal shower again.
  • I can now pick up things on the floor….ish. It’s not pretty, but when in real need, I can make it happen.
  • all of the steri strips are now off
  • the screw head from one of the nails is easily visible through my skin
  • I no longer need to take aspirin- yay one more med done!
  • taking iron has gotten easier. Woohoo because I have another six weeks of it!
  • I no longer use the “recovery” tray
  • getting cold is not comfortable and after the warm weather in Mexico, I really can’t tolerate being cold for very long
  • I had post-vacation depression when I got home, but luckily the sun has been shining which has totally helped
  • I’m stuck in a place where I’m feeling better, but I still can’t do normal day to day activities or tasks.
  • I can’t wait to drive. I’m struggling without having my independence and with being lonely during the week.
  • I laid on my right (op) side for about an hour for the first time and it was moderately comfortable. I’ll take it!
  • I can tolerate sitting in the recliner for longer periods of time, which basically means I’m not bed bound anymore!

Yay to two months!!!! I love checking off big milestones. The next time I see the surgeon will be at three months post op and I hope a lot of things will change in my life by then.

Check out those tan lines and that screw head popping out!
Water therapy! Hanging in the deep end in the noodles!
It was 5 O’Clock somewhere…I promise!
I think Lucy is enjoying hanging in the sunshine

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